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1000 Awful Things: #997 Your Helpful IT Guy

This one hits a little close to heart. I actually used to BE an IT guy. Well, sort of. Maybe that is why they infuriate me so.

IT people think two things: you have an incredible lack of knowledge about computers and it is shocking when you do not know more about computers. Kind of seems like a contradiction, no?

Here is a typical IT situation:

Tom: Hi, my name is Tom and my computer takes a really long time to load Windows when I first start up.

IT Guy: Have you tried restarting?

Tom: Yes, that is why I said START UP.

IT Guy: Have you tried to defrag?

Tom: Obviously that was the first thing I tried. I really don’t think that is the issue.

IT Guy: Have you tried running dot slash dot bootable command that runs a macro that edits your registry file and adjusts your boot log while Windows runs from your RAM?

Tom: …

IT Guy: …

Tom: Hi, my name is Tom and my computer takes a really long time to load Windows when I first start up.



1000 Awful Things: #998 The Monday Following a Holiday Week

This time last week you were basking in the warm glow of everything that isn’t work. Now, not only do you have a full week ahead of you, but also it is a full day longer than the week before. To make matters worse, chances are it will be a long time before another shortened week graces you.


1000 Awful Things: #999 Short Haulers

Similar to yesterday’s hatred comes another Awful Thing involving elevators. Nothing is more frustrating than when a smooth elevator ride is imeped by someone who refuses to take the stairs when needing to ascend or descend one floor.

It is of my personal belief that the stairs should ALWAYS be used in all situations unless:

  • You are traveling more than 1 floor in either direction
  • You are physically unable to make the trek. Out of shape is no excuse. If you are too fat to be able to climb one floor of stairs, you should not be allowed to live
  • The stairs are in a completely inconvenient location and you must go way out of your way to use them