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First Impression: Ultimate Ears 700

Size does matter. Especially in the consumer electronics industry. That is what makes the Ultimate Ears 700 so appealing. On paper, you have a super-powerful dual-driver headset that is housed in a casing that is smaller than the ear-tip itself.

Earbuds are all the rage these days. Most audiophiles have sworn them off because of their lackluster sound performance compared to the headphones that make wearers look like the Napster logo. Ultimate Ears 700 is supposed to be a closer gap to those massive cans.

Does it deliver?

So far, absolutely. I have only had these babies for around a day which is hardly enough time to break them in. However, I can already tell the Ultimate Ears 700 have far superior bass support than any other earbud I have ever owned. The small design of the driver makes them lightweight and the buds virtually “disappear” when in the ear and can be worn for hours.

I have never understood an audiophile’s claim that MP3s are inferior to CDs or even analogue, but for the first time the Ultimate Ears 700 have brought me closer to understanding. The high performance of these ‘buds easily enhanced imperfections in the encoding. I guess that can be looked at as a negative, but it is hard to label an imperfection from being too good.

I will whip up a more refined review in the near future. For now, I am too busy re-ripping all music in a higher quality format.