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1000 Awful Things: #996 Roundabouts

#996 on my countdown of the most awful things in the world belongs to Roundabouts. Easily the most useless traffic technology ever created. Some people love them. I think they are pointless.

Here’s the theory: it’s like a stop light except you don’t have to wait for the light to turn green!

Here’s the reality: You still have to stop because you have to yield for the drivers already in the roundabout. If there is heavy traffic, you have to make assumptions about what the on-coming vehicle is going to do. Is he going to turn off at this stop, or will he continue spinning round and round?

I spent 9 weeks in a city which has a ton of these merry-go-downs and I witnessed no less than 3 wrecks. And I am not talking about taps on the bumper, I am talking about full on collisions where hopefully at least one of the drivers have called 1-800-SAFE AUTO (which is 8 numbers by the way. Does that just mean the O gets cut off? If so, I want my O back!). For comparison, prior to being in this city, I have witnessed maybe five accidents in my entire life. Roundabouts? Fail.