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1000 Awful Things: #991 The Pavement Princess

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Urban Dictionary defines the Pavement Princess as “A badass 4×4 truck that is usually lifted with huge tires (over 33″) who’s owner is too much of a pussy to take off road.”

Basically, the owners of this type of car are typically of the high school and college age who come from a great deal of money. Rather than flaunt the owner’s affluence by purchasing a sports car the Pavement Princess owner tries to prove his or her love for Southern Heritage.

A Pavement Princess owner screams “I may have money, but I am a redneck just like you!”. This person has likely never taken the truck off-road, as that might get the new chrome exhausts oh-so-dirty!

If the rich in America are spending their money to appear more redneck then this country is doomed.