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1000 Awful Things: #993 The Airport Theory

October 22, 2009 1 comment

I am the type of person who loves technology. I always have to own the newest, greatest, and fastest. Sure, I get nostalgic for “the way things were” but never to the point where I would want to revert back. This is why the following comment drives me so crazy:

“By the time we deal with the airport, have a layover, and rent a car, it will be about the same length of time as if we drove. So we might as well just drive.”

I will give you most of that. You are correct in that the duration of the two events may be similar. However, 6 hours by plane and 6 hours by car are in no way equal.

In a car, you are suppressed into a small vehicle in which there is absolutely no room for movement unless the car is stopped, in which case time is lost. You are driving somewhere with a friend/collegue. You need to pee, he doesn’t. Too bad, guess you are both making a stop. He’s hungry, you’re not. Whelp, might as well find some room in that stomach because ingestion is happening now.

By plane, everything is different. Restroom break? Either in the plane or waiting in the airport, get up and go. Hungry? Just go find something to eat (I realize this is a little harder while actually ON a plane but there are snacks). Want to work on your blog? Just whip out your laptop and recharge it between flights. The best benefit? If you are not a huge fan of the person you are traveling with, the airline could have “accidentally” moved your seat to a completely different spot on the plane.

Now, before I get all the hate. I am obviously taking money out of the equation here. Clearly it is cheaper to drive. However if money is not a concern (corporate travel) then flying is always the better alternative. If I just got asked to drive somewhere 4 hours for work, the first thing I will do is see the airline possibilities and will gauge how long I’m willing to devote to travel.

Phew, that was a long one, but it is most definitely: